Paranormal State


Ryan Buell founded the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) to help understand the inexplicable activities and horrors that haunted him as a child. Ryan and his team travel deep into the strange and mysterious to try to unravel inexplicable events including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, supernatural disturbances, possessions and brushes with the darkest areas of the unknown. This 83-episode blockbuster hit aired in over 50 countries and featured Lorraine Warren (Insidious Franchise) and psychic Chip Coffey.

Lost Tapes


Explores the possibility of hidden creatures and Monsters through "found footage" videos. Lost Tapes was the longest running Monster show to date and spawned a host of similar type programming. The belief in the Sasquatch, Wendigo, Vampires, Jersey Devil are still vibrantly alive in the imagination of believers everywhere.

Ghost Lab


Brad and Barry Klinge, founders of Everyday Paranormal, take ghost hunting to the extreme as they travel the country tackling some of America's most haunted locations and using some of the world's most sophisticated equipment to gather powerful supernatural research. Ghost Lab premiered on Discovery Network and airs extensively internationally.

American Haunting


"American Haunting" takes a unique insider look at the terrifying lives of families encountering paranormal phenomena within their own homes. Witnessing first-hand real time the frightening incidents they experience daily. Surveillance cameras set up throughout the houses capture every moment of the eerie activity that transpires and document the damaging toll it takes on the families' lives. As they attempt to regain control of their homes, the families call on psychics, demonologists, paranormal investigators and exorcists to help them fight back against the malevolent spirits.

Exorcist Files


An examination of Catholic exorcists and the victims they fight to save. Vatican sanctioned Exorcists are interviewed and provide details on the inner workings of the demonic world. This was the first time a layman (Gary Auerbach) was allowed in to the Exorcist convention at the Vatican. There he was told 100’s of horrifying stories of exorcism and demonic possession and met many of the 300 plus Vatican sanctioned Exorcists who work around the world. Auerbach was instrumental in acquiring the life rights of many of the top Exorcists.

Buried Alive


An A@E two-hour live special. For the first time three participants were sealed in underground coffins on live television in an effort to conquer their greatest fears.

After being buried, the subjects were forced to endure a series of escalating horrors, snakes, bugs, rats all designed to test the strength of their psyches, while being scientifically monitored (via infrared cameras, microphones and vital sign indicators)

Medical and psychological personnel were also on-site during the experiment, as well as the subjects’ friends and family. The broadcast was deemed one of the scariest shows on modern television.

Legends of the Superstition Mountains


A group of modern day treasure hunters search for the Lost Dutchman mine and its 200-million-dollar payday. But each time they get closer to solving the mystery they find themselves closer to the heart of darkness.

Prophets of Science Fiction


Partnering with Ridley Scott, "Prophets" examines the works of Heinlein, HG Wells, and Verne. It imagined how the writers of the past are now becoming the science realities of our day.

Hanger 1


Behind the restricted doors of "Hangar 1: The UFO Files" are astounding firsthand accounts of sightings and other close encounters with entities from beyond our world. Learn about evidence of events that until now has never been seen by the public – including much that we were never meant to see. Each story further blurs the line between unbelievable and believable.



Novelist Brad Meltzer and a team of investigators delve into historical mysteries of Billy the Kid, Patton, Alaska Triangle, DB cooper, and many more. The shows goal is to bring new evidence to shed light on historical mysteries.